Wildlife at Bookham Court

Bookham Farm is still essentially a commercial farm but we have always encouraged wildlife. Much of the farm is in Countryside Stewardship and in the South Wessex Downs Environmentally Sensitive Area (Dorset). We have planted several acres of Woodland and have put up about 40 owl, kestrel and other bird boxes around the farm. The hedges are allowed to grow up and are trimmed to an A shape, depending on the species, every 2 – 3 years.

Wessex Ridgeway Farm Walk

Follow the Wessex Ridgeway Farm Walks, over our own farm and that of neighbouring Dorset farms. The trail is way-marked by signs and notice boards, giving you information about each farm, the wildlife, landscape and archaeology.

During a spring and summer wildlife holiday you may see scarce wildflowers such as the Common Spotted Orchid or Birdsfood Trefoil and look out for the Common Blue Butterfly or Six-spot Burnet Moth.

Wildlife Lake

Our Bookham Court lake is a pretty wildlife lake, situated in the field next to Great Coombe, Little Coombe and Wagon House.  The  lake accommodates ghost, common and mirror carp and may be suitable for small scale course fishing. (Please note this is only a small lake and can get overgrown so may not be suitable for keen fishermen).

Conservation Awards

Andy and Nicola enjoy showing guests around Bookham Farm and showing them the abundant wildlife. In past years Andy was winner of the FWAG Otter Trophy for conservation and runner up in the Farmers Weekly Countryside Farmer of the Year Award.